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Lightbend is the company behind the Akka Platform, used by development teams to build the most demanding, globally distributed, cloud-native application environments and data streaming pipelines. That’s why Global 2000 enterprises turn to Lightbend.

Why Lightbend (3 min watch)

Why Lightbend

Lightbend technologies are built on the principles of reactive architecture for responsive, scalable, and distributed systems. So any digitally transformative business strategy no matter how ambitious, challenging or innovative can be implemented…fast.

Lightbend removes the architectural hurdles associated with globally distributed, cloud-native applications. We equip development teams with the technology and expertise to build microservices that are resilient to failure, scale effortlessly, and instantaneously process data for real-time business critical decisions and hyper-personalized customer experiences. Eliminate the barriers of back-end complexity and long lead-times that prevent business from moving forward quickly.

Unleash the full power of the cloud with Lightbend.

Lightbend Subscriptions

From development through production and well beyond, Lightbend Subscriptions equip teams with the technology and expertise required for project success.

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