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Accelerate team adoption of Akka technology

Lightbend Service Offerings* are designed to quickly get teams up to speed on Akka technology. Whether you’re focused on rapid implementation of transformative business strategies, diving deeper into Akka technology, or seeking assistance in developing an overall solution design, your teams are prepared to achieve program success from development to production and beyond.


An accelerated introduction to Akka technology that gets teams quickly delivering business-driven microservices to production, while equipping them with a foundation for lasting technology adoption.

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Lightbend’s Quickstart program and then ongoing time with an ELE injected oodles of excitement and energy into all of our engineering teams, opened them up to all the possibilities of reactive systems and gave us the foundation for success

Prem Balachandar
Senior Director of Engineering, Solar Mosaic

Reactive Launch

Teams gain a deep understanding of Akka technology that includes delivering applications in a distributed environment, while collaboratively building a solid plan for overall application design and deployment, plus fundamental adoption of reactive architecture.

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You guys rock! Lightbend’s Reactive Launch did more to accelerate our team than everything else combined in the last year.

Department Head
Fortune 200 Telecomm

Embedded Lightbend Engineer (ELE)

As your team accelerator, an ELE guides rapid adoption of Akka technology, while helping teams achieve Akka technology proficiency and design a high-performance solution for becoming a fully reactive organization.

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The support we get from Lightbend is phenomenal—whenever we need help, we just raise a ticket and get our issues resolved quickly. Without it, we might have needed to hire five more people to support the platform ourselves.

Miles Lee
Director, Build Operations at Cloud Imperium Games

Additional Service Offerings

Lightbend customers also have additional options that support teams on their reactive journey.

Architecture Review

Deep-dive review of your application in collaboration with your team.

Custom Consulting

Providing deep Akka technology expertise to target specific needs.

Download the Lightbend Service Offerings datasheet or contact us to learn more.

*Akka Development or Production Subscription or an Akka Cloud Platform Private Offer is required to participate in Lightbend Service Offerings.

The support from Lightbend is very helpful. When we encounter a problem, our engineers are able to reach out directly to Lightbend engineers to get it solved.

Nino Ulsamer
CTO, StashAway

I couldn’t be more pleased with the support we receive from Lightbend. They quickly understand the nature of my questions and propose code changes that offer enhancements and provide even greater flexibility.

Rob Howes
CTO at Judopay

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