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Lightbend technology powers the world's most innovative companies

Our Vision

To make it simple to build distributed applications that span from the cloud to the edge and beyond.

Our Mission

To provide leading technology and support for building and optimizing applications that unleash the full power of the cloud and edge so organizations can implement any digital strategy, regardless of how ambitious, challenging or innovative.

Who We Are

  • Our people are smart, and customer and partner focused. We’re empowered to make decisions and quick to act.
  • Our customers are agile startups that are disrupting markets, and industry leaders that are leading the way.
  • Our technology solves deeply technical problems so that our customers can focus on their customers, and innovate faster.
  • Our partners are major cloud, system integrator and technology providers so our customers can buy how they want to buy.
  • Our investors are some of the biggest backers of groundbreaking companies and technologies.
  • Our board is engaged and includes the brightest minds from across the industry.
  • Our values are important to us. We care about each other.
  • Our product-led approach ensures the best experience for developers.

Our Leaders

Tyler Jewell


Tyler is a 4-time DevEx CEO previously leading WSO2, Codenvy (acq. by RedHat), and The Middleware Company (acq. by TechTarget). He publishes the Developer-Led Landscape, a public database of 1600 DevOps companies and their trends. Tyler is a lifelong DevOps student investing $140M as a VC, angel, and board member at Sauce Labs (acq. by PE), InfoQ (founder buyout), Sourcegraph (acq. by PE), Cloudant (acq. by IBM), NS1 (acq. by IBM), WSO2, Lightbend, Oxeye Security (acquired by Gitlab), CUE Labs, AppMap, and Archipelo. Previously, he grew products at BEA, Oracle, RedHat, and Quest. Tyler is a private pilot and volunteers with Angel Flights out of Aurora, Oregon.


Jonas Bonér

Founder, CTO and Chairman of the Board

Jonas Bonér is a distributed systems innovator and OSS community leader. He co-founded Lightbend (née Typesafe) in 2009 and authored the Reactive Manifesto, Reactive Principles, and numerous distributed systems design books that set the foundation for how event-driven systems are built today. He is the creator of Akka, Cloudstate, Lagom, and Kalix and has actively contributed to open-source projects including the now combined AspectWerkz Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) framework and the Eclipse AspectJ project. Jonas is an amateur Jazz musician, a passionate skier, and holds a Bachelor of Science from Mid Sweden University.


Daniel de Mos


Daniel drives strategic initiatives across financial and administrative operations at Lightbend. He has over 25 years of financial experience at technology companies and has held leadership roles with Omnivore Tech (acq. by Olo), MyVest (acq. by TIAA), SSG (acq. by IDG), and BrightTALK (acq. by TechTarget). Daniel received his BA in Management Studies from Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario, and an MBA from Arizona State University. He holds CPA designations in both the US and Canada, is a voluntary member of the Steering Committee of the San Francisco chapter of the CFO Leadership Council, and is an active member of the Operators Guild. Daniel is an avid cyclist, both on and off-road, and an international mountain climber.


Ken Hoffman


A seasoned executive leader focused on driving organizational growth, Ken is responsible for sales, customer success, business development and alliances, and professional services teams. For more than two decades, he has leveraged his expertise in go-to-market strategies, emerging technologies, and cross-functional collaboration to build high-performing sales teams and forge strategic partnerships. He has successfully orchestrated exits at FuseSource and Red Hat and drove significant revenue growth at CloudBees. Outside of Lightbend, Ken races cars, is a Muay Thai kickboxer, and likes to hit the slopes.


Darin Bartik


Darin drives the strategy for all aspects of company and product-level marketing at Lightbend. His 25-year software career includes executive leadership roles with WSO2, Dell, Quest, and BMC. Darin is an inspirational leader with a proven track record of removing friction from the buying cycle and increasing market adoption for more than 200 products. He has a bachelor's degree and MBA in marketing from Ohio State University. Darin invests his free time in the emotional and spiritual advancement of young professionals.


Michael Nash


Michael ensures that our people, products and processes are internationally compliant, certified, and able to handle the most rigorous security requirements for Lightbend customers and their most sensitive data. A scalability and distributed systems specialist with four decades in the software industry, Mike has taught, written about, promoted and developed with Lightbend technologies since their introduction. He also serves as Lightbend's Chief of Staff, co-ordinating interdepartmental efforts and programs. An avid technologist, author and sailor, Michael lives and works in Cape Coral, Florida.


Enno Runne

Senior Vice President Engineering

Enno leads the teams that build and support Lightbend technologies. A strong sense of teamwork has been central to Enno’s approach since co-founding a community radio station while at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany, where received his M.Sc. in computer science. At Lightbend, At Lightbend, Enno worked on Akka and Akka Streams technologies (Alpakka) as team lead before taking on his current role. He loves to spend time in the Stockholm archipelago and is an avid boater.


Dan Rosanova

Senior Vice President Product Management

Dan Rosanova has a 25+ year history in technology primarily in the messaging space. Most recently he was VP of Product at Confluent where he served as Head of Product for Confluent Cloud since 2019 and led its hyper-growth phase. Before that, Dan ran the messaging services in Microsoft Azure, scaling it from nearly zero to a $100m ARR business. His previous roles include management consulting as a practitioner building applications with messaging software for financial services, transportation/logistics, energy & utilities, and retail. Dan has written two books on messaging and has spoken at conferences around the world about distributed systems, cloud computing, and evolutionary computation. Dan enjoys hiking, biking, skiing, cooking, gardening, and martial arts.


Kimberly Falk

Vice President Marketing

Kimberly brings more than 25 years of experience leading Marketing and Product Marketing divisions for innovative technology organizations including CSG International, WideOrbit, and IQNavigator (acq. by Beeline). Kimberly is focused on initiatives that extend Lightbend’s global presence and brand recognition to drive company growth. She holds a B.A. from the University of Southern California. With a passion for travel, Kimberly is always planning her next world adventure.


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