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From large-scale companies to small powerhouses, Lightbend technologies have helped transform businesses and drive digital goals

Judopay Empowers Developers to Focus on Business Value, not Infrastructure, with Akka Serverless

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StashAway Brings Data-Driven Wealth Management to Thousands of New Clients with Seamless Scalability from Lightbend

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Although our engineering team has grown substantially over the last 12 months, our Akka Platform team has remained almost flat—a testament to the efficiency of the Lightbend technology.

Nino Ulsamer
CTO, StashAway

With Akka Platform, we can let the complexities of developing advanced streaming applications fade into the background—freeing us to focus on building next-generation digital capabilities for our clients.

Kathleen Hernandez

Akka Platform and reactive streams from Lightbend have enabled Tubi to provide customer experiences unlike any other in the video-on-demand space.

Marios Assistis
CTO at Tubi

A payments system must offer 100% certainty, and the self-healing capabilities of Akka give us exactly what we need.

Rob Howes
CTO, Judopay

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