Case Studies

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case-study Unomic Empowers Manufacturers and Healthcare Providers to Boost Quality and Speed with Advanced AI and IIoT Solutions
case-study RETISIO and AIEnterprise Help a Major Retailer Accelerate Page-Loading, Boost Conversion and Cut Costs
case-study Hyper-Personalized User Experiences Drive Increased Advertising Revenue
case-study Judopay Builds Efficient, Dependable, Agile Payments Solutions on a Reactive Architecture
case-study Scaling Handles Massive Traffic Spikes With Ease
case-study Real-Time Predictive Analytics With IoT For The Data Center
case-study America’s Largest Telecommunications Provider Goes Reactive
case-study Real-time home monitoring with IoT
case-study Real-time decision making for auto loans
case-study PayPal Blows Past 1 Billion Transactions Per Day Using Just 8 VMs With Akka, Scala, Kafka and Akka Streams
case-study Norwegian Cruises To Record Profits With Reactive
case-study UniCredit Powers “Fast Data” Customer-Insight Platform With Apache Spark, Scala, Akka And Play
case-study UK’s Online Gaming Leader Bets Big On Reactive To Drive Real-Time Personalization
case-study Walmart Boosts Conversions By 20% With Lightbend Reactive Platform
case-study Distributed Mesh In The Home: How Eero Is Disrupting Consumer WiFi With Highly Reliable Systems Powered By Akka And Reactive
case-study 47 Degrees adopts the Lightbend Platform
case-study Lightbend Aids In Train Safety In The Netherlands
case-study Digital Wealth, Automated: How StashAway Doubled Growth In 2 Months With Lightbend