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Lightbend is a welcoming, open, and world-renowned company dedicated to creating high-performance technology that enables our customers to accelerate their transformation and disrupt markets. We provide a strong focus on work-life balance, home-office working with an engaging, collaborative environment. This combination has attracted and retained some of the brightest minds in the technology industry.

Our Culture

97 is our favorite number! Our customers rely on us and we rely on our customers. It’s a symbiotic relationship we take very seriously. We place focus on providing a respectful, balanced work environment for Lightbend team members and they pass that same level of concern and care to our customers. It’s just who we are.

  • We have maintained a 97% average customer satisfaction rate over the past six years.
  • 97% of our workforce believe they have a respectful work environment, work/life balance and enjoy working at the company.

Our Values

We feel direct comments from our recent anonymous company survey sum up who we are and what we stand for best!

We’re daring...

Always wanting to improve, to learn new things, and to innovate. We challenge the status quo and create a safe space to bring forward new ideas.

We're not afraid to try new things and continually innovate.

We’re flexible...

Our team is globally distributed so we have learned to work asynchronously through strong communication, reliability and emphasizing the value of personal time.

I had concerns about joining a fully remote workforce but it's been made easier by having so many individuals supporting the community of Lightbenders broadly and individuals personally. I get the freedom to organize my work and private life flexibly.

We’re authentic...

Always honest when communicating, no politics or games, and always assume good intentions.

The outstanding skill level of the colleagues, paired with humbleness, respect for each other, and willingness to make the best compromises. Is the only company that after three years I still want to be part of.

We’re thoughtful...

We treat our team and our clients with respect and sensitivity in all communications and interactions.

Culture of both concern for employee well-being and customer satisfaction. While I'm extremely pleased to work at a company that sees the value of the community, I am also very glad to work in a community that cares for its individuals, too.

We’re collaborative...

Always looking to find a better way as a team.

Everyone is always willing to help regardless of what department they work in or where in the world they are located.

Our Benefits

Our culture, benefits, and compensation are designed to help you be successful—both inside and outside the office.

  • Flexible Working Schedule
  • Competitive Salaries
  • Stock Option Plan
  • Ongoing Learning and Development
  • Generous Vacation Policy
  • Monthly Hackday

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