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Akka supports any digital strategy, no matter how complicated

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Akka provides the building blocks that make it easy for businesses to build, deploy, and run large-scale applications that support digitally transformative initiatives.

Accelerate time-to-value and reduce infrastructure and cloud costs with reactive microservices that take full advantage of the distributed nature of the cloud and are resilient to failure, highly efficient, and operative at any scale.

High-performance, event-driven microservices

More sophisticated and experienced development teams

Requirements for deep control and granularity of systems

JVM-based, Java and Scala programming languages

Self-managed, self-deployed infrastructure

Akka Distributed Cluster for Next-Gen Edge Computing Across Multiple Data Centers

Akka Distributed Cluster extends applications across multiple data centers while maintaining performance, consistency, and reliability—whether multi-region, multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, or on-premise.

  • Accelerate—data delivery to users
  • Maintain availability—even in the event of a cloud provider outage
  • Cut costs—by minimizing data storage expenses and reducing server data traffic
  • Conserve—developer time with the ability to integrate these features into Akka

Akka Distributed Cluster is comprised of:

Brokerless Pub/Sub

Low-latency, high-performance Publish-Subscribe over gRPC, with guaranteed delivery, eliminating the need for message broker management. Ensures efficient operation in memory-constrained environments, from the central Cloud to the Far Edge.

Brokerless Pub/Sub Event Filtering

Building on Brokerless Pub/Sub, allows dynamic event filters on the producer or consumer side to prevent sending and processing unnecessary data. Reduces network costs and hardware resources are freed up by only transferring the required data when needed. This feature is particularly crucial at the Edge.

Active-Active Event Sourcing

Utilize distributed event journal replication—running on gRPC, leveraging CRDTs, and the new Brokerless Pub/Sub for ultra-efficient, low-latency replication. This guarantees eventual solid consistency of event-sourced actors/entities across different data centers or Point-of-Presences at the Far Edge.

Durable State Queries

Search for data on multiple fields without additional read models, reducing the cost and time spent storing and interacting with duplicate data.

Above and beyond

Akka delivers advanced functionality and feature sets teams need for program success, such as:

Akka Insights

Intelligent monitoring and observability

Enterprise Integrations

Multitude of deployment and monitoring options

Streaming Pipelines

Framework for quick construction, deployment and management of streaming data pipelines

Compliance & Enforcement of
Global Security Standards

Native support for encryption, data shredding, TLS enforcement, and continued compliance with GDPR

Developer Assist

Direct interaction with Lightbend engineers and project committers

Production Support

24x7x365 commercial software support

The Total Economic Impact™
Of Lightbend Akka

  • 139% ROI
  • 50% to 75% faster time-to-market
  • 20x increase in developer throughput
  • <6 months Akka pays for itself

Easily integrate your solution with Akka.
No matter how you build it.

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