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Why Reactive Microservices provide advantages

About Reactive

First published in 2013, The Reactive Manifesto outlines the design principles that equip development teams to build anything with confidence. Reactive takes a coherent approach to systems architecture. Reactive Systems are loosely-coupled and scalable, easier to develop, and amenable to change. They are significantly more tolerant of failure and when failure does occur it’s met head on, rather than leading to disaster.

Our customers are never limited by technology when it comes to executing on any digital strategy. Oh, and did we mention Jonas Bonér, one of the co-founders of Lightbend, is the originator of The Reactive Manifesto?

Read The Reactive Manifesto

Read The Reactive Principles

Why Reactive Microservices?

Introduction to Reactive Microservices

Enterprise development has changed drastically from the early days of public internet use. Now, instead of satisfying the needs of thousands or tens of thousands, applications can serve millions of users—and potentially even more devices. This article series looks at how enterprises can remain competitive by innovating in ever shorter development cycles.

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From Monolith To Microservices

Microservices aren’t easy. We’ll help you get it right for the greatest gain. Lightbend technologies help you migrate to the right microservice architecture, embracing the cloud and releasing new functionality more frequently, with less risk.

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Improve Infrastructure Efficiency

Get better resource utilization and higher performance in the cloud. Lightbend technologies let you handle larger loads more efficiently. On half the infrastructure.

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Moving To The Cloud

Using modern, cloud native infrastructure? You need modern, cloud native application architecture. Lightbend technologies provide the cloud native programming model needed to create applications for cloud native infrastructure technologies like Kubernetes, OpenShift, and IBM Cloud.

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System Scalability & Elasticity

Scale to handle any peak in demand without wasting costly resources during normal traffic. Lightbend technologies help you scale elastically across all of your available infrastructure, making it easy to not only expand out to meet high demand, but also to scale in afterwards.

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