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Moving To The Cloud

Using modern, cloud-native infrastructure? You need modern, cloud-native application architecture. Lightbend Platform provides the cloud-native programming model needed to create applications for cloud-native infrastructure technologies like Kubernetes, OpenShift, IBM Cloud.

Build a cloud-native application architecture for the cloud

Is your organization considering a move to the cloud? Have you already begun migrating some services and ran into blockers? Are there concerns that your existing application architecture isn’t ideal for running on cloud-native infrastructure?

Truly realize the benefits of increased productivity and lower costs

Those with experience have learned that achieving the full promise of the cloud is not automatic—the application architecture going into your Docker containers and Kubernetes pods matter. The concept of “lift and shift” to the cloud won’t work, as traditional monolithic applications cannot fully exploit cloud and hybrid-cloud environments.

Akka provides all of the building blocks necessary for parallel processing, clustering, and streaming, while remaining very lightweight for efficiently using cloud resources. You can harness these features for new development, modifying or refactoring your existing applications, and creating integration points with legacy systems. Through these efficiencies, you decrease your infrastructure expenses while accelerating development productivity and time to value.

Moving To The Cloud Success Stories