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From Monolith To Microservices

Microservices aren’t easy. We’ll help you get it right for the greatest gain. Lightbend technologies helps you migrate to the right microservice architecture, embracing the cloud and releasing new functionality more frequently, with less risk.

Develop more rapidly. Release more frequently.

Are you losing to competitors because you can’t release new features quickly enough? Has your enterprise system and infrastructure evolved to the point that it’s difficult to manage? Do you perform big bang integrations just before a release and just hope to avoid explosions?

Mitigate risks to the success of your business.

The requirements needed to successfully run systems of microservices are far different from those of traditional monoliths. Lightbend Platform is designed to meet these needs for performant, resilient, and scalable Reactive microservices architecture. With more independence between services, development cycles become more rapid and cost effective.

You can mitigate risk of a poor user experience with individually deployable services that will not be taken down by a failure somewhere else. With this level of modularity and distributed interconnectedness, the door opens to integrating your microservices with your real-time streaming workloads.

From Monolith To Microservices Success Stories