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System Scalability & Elasticity

Scale to handle any peak in demand without wasting costly resources during normal traffic. Lightbend Platform helps you scale elastically across all of your available infrastructure, making it easy to not only expand out to meet high demand, but also to scale in afterwards.

Build scalability into your application

Does your system get overwhelmed when usage spikes? Can you easily scale out and maintain good response times to avoid alienating end users? And, when the rush is over, can you scale back in automatically to conserve costly resources?

Achieve true system-wide elasticity

Scaling traditional applications has its challenges: running multiple instances of a monolithic application is risky and can actually reduce responsiveness because increased demand can create bottlenecks elsewhere. Lightbend Platform fulfills the requirements of truly Reactive systems, enabling elasticity at the application, service, and cluster level. It is supported by Reactive Streams-based backpressure mechanisms to prevent overloading databases and other system elements, and certified with Kubernetes, Red Hat OpenShift, and IBM Cloud. With intelligent scaling, you can lower infrastructure costs by deactivating resources when not used, and expand into new markets with confidence.

System Scalability & Elasticity Success Stories