Akka Serverless

Makes it simple for any developer to build scalable, stateful APIs.

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Time spent on database set up or maintenance

Akka Platform

Build, deploy, and run large-scale applications with microservices that are resilient to failure, highly efficient, and operate at any scale.

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Certainty with self-healing microservices


Reduction in infrastructure processing for the same number of events

1,000 Billion

Collection and processing of events in real-time per day

The Akka Platform delivers the scalability and resiliency required to handle our current number of participants and expected growth.

—Mahesh Jadhav, Software Architect, Dream11

Our delivery capability has shot through the roof. Agility is key to innovating ahead of competitors, and that’s the biggest win with the Lightbend solution.

—Rob Howes, CTO, Judopay

Akka Platform has enabled Tubi to provide customer experiences unlike any other in the video-on-demand space.

—Marios Assistis, CTO, Tubi

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Your Business Empowered

Streamlined path to success. The ability to build cloud native applications enables you to take advantage of digital initiatives that increase market share. By removing the worry of underlying frameworks (Lightbend takes care of it) your teams can place full focus on business logic, accelerating your developer productivity and time to market.

Intelligent Data

Elevate the value of your data. Gain a competitive edge with the ability to quickly process big data and apply ML models in real-time for delivering hyper-personalized customer experiences and making business critical decisions.

Significant Cost Reductions

Numbers say it all. Our customers realize a 25% average reduction in development costs, dramatically reduce infrastructure required (200 VMs down to 8 VMs in one instance), achieve up to 75% reduction in infrastructure costs, and see increased sales up to 200%.

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Your success is our priority. We are committed to helping you quickly achieve project success and reduce project risk while providing the fastest possible time-to-value.

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