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Lightbend Honor Code

This Honor Code governs how students behave on Lightbend Academy. We expect everyone to follow it, including everyone participating in the Lightbend Academy, whether as a student, an instructor, or in any other role.

Students are expected to complete their own work. Assisting other students is permitted, and encouraged, but more value is gained if the student is able to complete, and submit the work independently.

All communication in, or around the Lightbend Academy will be conducted with respect. To that end we strive to:

  • Be open: We invite anyone involved with the Lightbend Academy to participate in the learning process. This includes completing courses, providing feedback, etc.
  • Be empathetic: We always assume good intentions and do our best to act in an empathetic fashion. We don’t allow frustration to turn into a personal attack.
  • Be collaborative: You should feel free to discuss your work in the Lightbend Academy with the people around you. Collaborating with them enables a flow of new ideas which improves the learning experience.
  • Be inquisitive: Nobody knows everything. If something in the Lightbend Academy doesn’t make sense, then we encourage you to research it and find a better way. If an alternative approach to a problem can be found we welcome feedback in order to help improve the course materials.

Violating this Honor Code could result in your removal from the Lightbend Academy.