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Training courses in cloud native applications


Lightbend Academy educates software professionals at

Things move fast in this industry. Keep your skills sharp with courses used by some of the world’s most innovative companies to build and operate modern, cloud native applications and systems architectures.

Lightbend offers a range of free courses as well as premium courses that are included in a Lightbend subscription. We also offer instructor-led courses for teams of 5-12 people through our training team and certified partners.

What They Say About Lightbend Academy

When I registered I had no idea the courses would be so good. Instead of marketing from Lightbend, these courses maintain a high standard and remain brand neutral, focusing only on the intended topic.

This was an outstanding course, very informative in itself while setting the ground for further study. Quizzes and the final test really help consolidate knowledge. Thank you so much for this phenomenal work!

Thanks for these courses–they are very concise and on point for working professionals!

Thanks for such great content and hands-on exercises. The course was very well-formatted and lab exercises were quite descriptive. Thanks for the certificate and badge as well!

It was a great experience learning the concepts of Reactive Architecture with Lightbend Academy. The courses contain examples and quizzes after each section, which are well designed to help you understand the concepts and test your design skills.

Self-Paced Courses

Lightbend Academy includes both free and subscription-only courses that you can do at your own pace, with achievement badges awarded after completion of each course.

Instructor-Led Courses

Lightbend Academy provides instructor-Led courses (currently virtual only) to connect teams of 5-12 developers from a single organization. Our experts from the Lightbend training team as well as certified training partners will provide you with a personalized workshop. Please navigate to the course page for booking information.