Akka Data Pipelines

Streaming data pipelines simplified

Bringing together big data and machine learning (ML) models is when true operationalization of data for real-time business decisions takes place and the greatest value realized. That requires streaming data pipelines. But building them has been an exceedingly difficult task at best...until now.

Akka Data Pipelines simplifies the complexities of streaming data pipelines by providing a framework for reliably developing, deploying and managing this ‘always on’ architecture. Teams can focus on business logic that supports making business critical decisions and providing unsurpassed customer experiences instead of worrying about the underlying framework.

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Focus on business logic

Akka Data Pipelines boosts development productivity by enabling teams to focus on core business logic. All boilerplate—serialization, port configuration, operational parameters, data durability between processing staging—is handled by Lightbend.

Single-Step Deployment

Specify data flow via simple blueprint file and deploy a multi-stage pipeline with one command. All ports and topics are created and automatically surface HTTP service endpoints.

Visual Insight

Unique custom UI provides observability into pipelines for pinpointing and troubleshooting problems quickly, spotting latency and performance bottlenecks, and leveraging customer metrics for relating technical issues to business performance.

Streaming Data Powers New Business Opportunities