Akka Platform brings together the industry’s leading frameworks and runtimes with the enterprise features for managing, monitoring, integrating, and securing your mission-critical systems. At its core, Akka Platform includes the Akka toolkit–including the Actor, Cluster, Sharding, and Persistence modules, plus Akka Streams, Akka HTTP, and Alpakka–for building and deploying concurrent, distributed systems that self-heal.

Lagom Framework is included for building event-driven, Reactive microservices, and Play Framework for creating lightning fast Reactive web applications. Additional technology enhancements, expert support, self-paced education, and more are all included in a Lightbend subscription.


Akka Streams

Alpakka Integrations

Akka Distributed Data

Akka Cluster

Akka Cluster Sharding

Akka Persistence

Akka gRPC

Akka Actors

Intelligent Management

  • Split Brain Resolver
  • Configuration Checker
  • Thread Starvation Detector


  • Lightbend Console
  • Lightbend Telemetry
  • Developer Sandbox


  • Alpakka Connectors
  • Telemetry APM Integrations
  • Akka Persistence Plugins


  • Akka GDPR
  • Scala SCA Plugin for Fortify
  • Akka TLS (Coming Soon)

Global Consistency At Scale

Harness the power of stateful, data-driven services deployed in an efficient, stateless way with Akka Platform and Kubernetes to guarantee global consistency.

Intelligent Self-Healing

Go beyond simple fault tolerance with automatic self-healing in your clusters—across services, nodes, and networks.

Highly Performant & Responsive

Increase performance and responsiveness with less infrastructure resources, regardless of your deployment environment (public/private cloud, hybrid cloud, on-premise).

Akka Platform support, technology enhancements, education, and services for
serious enterprises are all part of a Lightbend subscription.