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The Akka Platform provides the building blocks that make it easy for enterprises to build, deploy and run large-scale applications that support their most business-critical initiatives. Accelerate time-to-value while reducing infrastructure and cloud costs with reactive microservices that are resilient to failure, highly efficient, operate at any scale and at lightning speed across the globe.

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Global Consistency At Scale

Harness the power of stateful, data-driven services deployed in an efficient, stateless way with Akka Platform and Kubernetes to guarantee global consistency.

Intelligent Self-Healing

Go beyond simple fault tolerance with automatic self-healing clusters—across services, nodes, and networks.

Highly Performant & Responsive

Increase performance and responsiveness with less infrastructure, regardless of deployment environment (public/private cloud, hybrid cloud, on-premise).

The Akka Platform Product Suite

Core Capabilities To Build Cloud-Native Applications


Scalable, Distributed Systems for Streaming Workloads and Microservices Architecture

Cloud-native infrastructure like Kubernetes requires a cloud-native application architecture to be truly performant. Lightbend technologies like Akka Platform, Cloudflow, and Cloudstate enable you to deliver responsive, globally consistent systems at scale, backed by self-healing protocols that automatically protect your business systems—from code to cluster.


With Asynchronous, Event-Driven Reactive Microservices, You Can Simply “Let It Crash”

One service by itself is nothing—Reactive Microservices come in systems. Akka Platform enables teams to deliver scalable, self-healing systems of microservices, web and application services with the right persistence strategies in place for handling unexpected issues gracefully.


Harness the Value of Real-Time Streaming Applications

Remaining relevant as a business means extracting value from data in real-time. Cloudflow is a powerful module that simplifies the development, deployment, and operations of complex, multi-component streaming data pipelines and connected microservices. This lets you handle never-ending data streams at scale so you can offer new user experiences and use Machine Learning for continuous improvements—all in real-time.


Observe, Verify, and Operate Distributed Systems With Confidence From Day 1

Finding bugs once in production is the stuff of nightmares. We provide system-wide observability and monitoring for your applications built with Lightbend technologies from Day 1, so you can verify regularly in development and operate with confidence.


Protect Your Users, Your Systems, and Your Business From Abuse

Ensuring the security and global compliance of your distributed systems can be difficult. Lightbend technologies help you protect your code and continuously comply with legal requirements and security standards.

Supported and Certified Technologies

The following Supported technologies are those that Lightbend will provide fixes and patches,
and Production SLAs, including 24x7 for Supported products.

Supported Technologies

  • Akka 2.6.14 (Docs)
  • Akka Streams 2.6.14 (Docs)
  • Akka Resilience Enhancements 1.1.16 (Docs)
  • Akka Persistence Enhancements 1.1.16 (Docs)
  • Akka HTTP 10.2.4 (Docs)
  • Akka gRPC 1.1.1 (Docs)
  • Akka Management 1.1.0 (Docs)
  • Akka Persistence Cassandra 1.0.5 (Docs)
  • Akka Persistence Couchbase 1.0 (Docs)
  • Akka Persistence JDBC 5.0.1 (Docs)
  • Alpakka Kafka Connector 2.1.0 (Docs)
  • Alpakka Couchbase Connector 3.0.0 (Docs)
  • Alpakka CSV Connector 3.0.0 (Docs)

The following Certified products are production ready and work with the Supported Lightbend products shown above, but are not supported by Lightbend directly. Lightbend will not provide fixes or patches that are available from other vendors.

Certified Integrations

  • Apache Cassandra 3.11.x
    Certified with Akka Persistence Cassandra,
    Akka Multi-DC, and Lagom
  • Couchbase Community 5.1.1
    Certified with Akka Persistence Couchbase,
    Lagom Persistence Couchbase, and Alpakka Couchbase
  • Apache Kafka
  • Apache Spark
  • Apache Flink
  • Grafana
  • Prometheus
  • Kubeflow

Certified Platforms

  • Kubernetes 1.11-1.15
  • RHEL OpenJDK 8 and 11 (Details)
  • AdoptOpenJDK 8 and 11 (Details)

Lightbend is the originator of open source application frameworks
Akka, Play & Lagom, Cloudflow, Cloudstate, and the Scala programming language.