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5 Reasons to Attend Scala Days 2017

Scala Days will be held in Chicago in April and Copenhagen in May. Check out the full agenda and buy your ticket before the events sell out.

The 8th annual Scala Days will be held this year at the Swissotel in Chicago, April 19–21, and the Bella Center in Copenhagen, May 31–June 2. Because registration is capped to provide an optimal environment for learning, Scala Days has historically sold out. If you want to attend, but need to justify your travel and time away from the office, consider these five reasons and grab a ticket while you can.

1) Motivate your team, meet Martin

If your company is looking for ways to retain top Scala talent, then providing your developers with the opportunity to meet Martin Odersky is a big win.

Additionally, if your company is looking to recruit the best and brightest, then sending a contingent to these premiere events is invaluable. In keeping with tradition, Martin will deliver the opening keynote at Scala Days and will be available during the full two-day conference. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to rub shoulders with the inventor of the language.

2) Build your team, give newcomers a fast track

If you need tips for building out your team, make sure to meet Dag Liodden, CTO and co-founder at Tapad, and attend his session on building a company on Scala. If you need help convincing your Java team to switch to Scala, don’t miss Sten Anderson, director of software engineering at CME Group, as he shares war stories on finding a home for Scala in the corporate machine.

If you need to ramp up new projects or team members, the trainings surrounding Scala Days provide an efficient path for jumpstarting knowledge.

  • Two full days of instructor-led training are still available for Fast Track to Scala as well as the Introductory Workshop for Spark.
  • The hands-on, lab-based approach to learning keeps students at their keyboard for as much as 80% of these courses and maximizes the retention of skills they'll use every day.

3) Deepen your skills, demystify streaming

We’ve pulled together an amazing group of speakers to help you keep your skills honed, your knowledge fresh, and your eye on the technology horizon. In addition to learning about the latest developments and directions for Scala, you have access to several talks on one of the hottest trends in tech: the shift toward streaming applications.

If your company has a goal of moving from data at rest to data in motion, be a hero and take back some learnings from these presentations:

4) Learn new patterns, dive deep into microservices

If you are getting started with microservices, Duncan DeVore, software engineer at Lightbend, will discuss the ins and outs of dealing with microservice consistency and distributed state.

If you are about to go into production with a large-scale microservices system, Jan Machacek, CTO at Cake Solutions, will share potential challenges await you in long-lived microservices.

If you are building streaming applications, Java EE veteran and principal data architect at Pluralsight, Alex Silva, discusses how to leverage Kafka as a single source of truth when bootstrapping microservices.

5) Build connections, invigorate innovation

Anyone who’s been to Scala Days can tell you that one of the most valuable aspects of attending the conference is the connections you make between the talks, in the hallways, over a beer—or an amazing espresso, courtesy of Cake Solutions.

Innovation grows out of conversation. So don’t miss this unique opportunity for learning, connecting, growing—and inspiring yourself and others. Register for Chicago or Copenhagen today and use the promo code lightbendfriend to receive a 20% discount.

I look forward to seeing you there.


Markus Eisele is a Java Champion, former Java EE Expert Group member, founder of JavaLand, esteemed speaker at Java conferences around the world, and a very well-known figure in the Enterprise Java world. He works as a developer advocate at Lightbend. Find him on Twitter at @myfear.

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