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Activator 1.1 Integrates App Inspection and a New UI

We’ve just released Activator 1.1 with a new UI and a new way to inspect your apps.  Download it and/or check out the latest video walkthrough.

The new UI includes a ton of improvements and some new features.  The home screen now provides a much nicer way to browse and search for templates. The app screen now has a new universal search bar that makes it easy to jump to any file in the project.  Tutorials can also now open in the main screen so they are easier to read.  The new Inspect feature enables you to see what is going on inside your running applications.  You can see all of the requests coming into Play as well as the Actors in Akka.  This helps you understand and troubleshoot your app when you are developing it locally.

Check out Activator 1.1 and let us know what you think!

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