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Akka 2.2.3 Released

Dear hakkers,

We—the Akka committers—are pleased to announce the availability of Akka 2.2.3. This is the second maintenance release of the 2.2 branch, containing documentation improvements and fixing several issues including:

  • Optimized vector clock comparison
  • Compound support for the TCP module that allows batched writes
  • More robust handling of remote system restarts
  • Aggregator pattern, contributed by Akara Sucharitakul
  • ... and several smaller fixes

This release is backwards binary compatible with version 2.2.0 and 2.2.1, which means that the new JARs are a drop-in replacement for the old one (but not the other way around) as long as your build does not enable the inliner (Scala-only restriction). Always make sure to use at least the latest version required by any of your project’s dependencies.

The reason for the skip in version number, going to 2.2.3 instead of 2.2.2 is that some last minute regressions were found in the 2.2.2 release after it had been mirrored to Maven Central.

Migrating from Older Releases

When migrating an existing project from Akka 2.1.x please have a look at our migration guide.

Important Notice

The artifacts comprising this release have been published to and also to Maven Central. In addition, we adopted the SBT standard of encoding the Scala binary version in the artifact name, i.e. the core actor package’s artifact ID is “akka-actor_2.10”.

Links of Interest

Akka 2.2.3 compared to 2.2.1

  • 18 tickets closed
  • 48 files changed, 2057 insertions(+), 344 deletions(-)
  • … and a total of 7 committers!

Fixed Tickets

  • 3442 Optimize the vector clock comparison.
  • 3566 FAILED: akka.remote.RemoteNodeRestartDeathWatchSpec
  • 3569 akka-cluster POM still refers to experimental
  • 3571 `Socket.shutdownOutput()` may throw a noisy exception in some cases
  • 3578 Adding Aggregator pattern to akka-contrib
  • 3581 io: add Tcp.CompoundWrite
  • 3602 IO: Tcp connection establishment always succeeds even if endpoint never answers
  • 3606 ResendUnfulfillableException when SHUTDOWN is lost\
  • 3621 ActorSystem should not start non-deamonic threads in daemonic mode
  • 3639 DOC: Mailbox implementation example should show ProducesMessageQueue[T]
  • 3640 BalancingDispatcher doesn't seem to pick up mailbox-type setting
  • 3643 Normal remoting shutdown will print a scary warning
  • 3645 io: TcpOutgoingConnection doesn't handle UnresolvedAddressExceptions properly
  • 3666 Default netty transport should report correctly when port is not given for remote address
  • 3672 io: big Tcp.Writes (> ~300kb) get garbled
  • 3680 io: race condition which overrides SuspendReading
  • 3682 Document message size limit in SslTlsSupport
  • 3684 SslTlsSupport passes WriteFile and CompoundWrite in plaintext


commits added removed:

9   644     129 Björn Antonsson
5    92      18 Johannes Rudolph
4   193      16 Endre Sándor Varga
4   370     121 Mathias
2     8       3 Patrik Nordwall
1   691       0 Akara Sucharitakul
1     5       3 Roland Kuhn

Happy hakking!

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