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Akka and Kubernetes: A Symbiotic Love Story

Why Akka & K8s Get Along So Well...

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As far as symbiotic love stories go, it doesn’t get much better than Kubernetes and Akka. Namely, one of Akka’s best features: Akka Cluster, which allows you to build distributed applications with services that span multiple nodes, without worrying about concurrency, communication, and so on.

Even since its initial release in 2013, Akka Cluster has searched for a node management system to handle Akka nodes and to provide a resilient and elastic infrastructure platform. Now, with Kubernetes, Akka can finally engage in the mutually beneficial relationship it’s been waiting for.

In this webinar by Hugh McKee, Developer Advocate at Lightbend, we take a look at how Akka and Kubernetes enjoy a symbiotic relationship, using live “crop circle” visuals to help. We’ll specifically review:

  • How Akka Cluster gracefully handles nodes leaving and joining a running cluster while continuing to run without interruption to service.
  • How Kubernetes adds and removes nodes as needed to adjust capacity or to recover from failures.
  • How both work together using a live representation of a microservice deployed across multiple nodes to demonstrate scalability, resilience, and message handling.

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