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akka architects reactive webinar

Akka and the Zen of Reactive System Design

Akka: distribution, scalability and resilience done right

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In order to be successful with asynchronous programming when coming from synchronous execution models, you need to change your mindset and look at things from a slightly different perspective. In order to use Akka at it's best, you will have to change the way you think about application design (loosen coupling in space and time between components), and re-think what you've maybe learned in the past. 

In this talk targeted at Architects and Developers, Akka engineer Konrad Malawski bends your parameters with regards to application design and asynchronous execution models. We uncover a number of rules that serve as a guide in designing concurrent distributed applications, how those apply to Akka, and how they can help you in daily app development.

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New: Proof of Value (PoV) service 

If you're an Architect looking to get your project off the ground fast, our new Proof of Value (POV) service offering is a 5-day engagement that let's you get the right start with distributed systems on Reactive Platform. In this five day period, we co-create your business case for adoption as the output. Here's how it works:

  1. Define POV success criteria
  2. Engineer feasibility solution against trickiest aspect 
  3. Access expert advice via developer support subscription 
  4. Report POV solution value, evaluated against success criteria
  5. Build and present business case for investment



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