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Akka HTTP Preview

Dear Akka and Spray community,

We are very happy and excited to release the first preview of Akka HTTP’s core module based on an updated preview of Akka Streams. It is the fruit of the collaboration between the Spray and Akka teams and aims to bring you fully reactive HTTP streams.

  • Both HTTP requests and responses can incorporate data that are streamed on demand, be that from disk or computed on the fly.
  • The HTTP streams as well as all the other streams, are fully back pressure aware, enabling the server to throttle clients when necessary, or vice versa.

The Streams module now includes an expanded DSL for both Scala and Java, and the HTTP module has all the core functionality to build HTTP servers and clients, as well as a brand new Java API for the HTTP model. The request handling DSL equivalent to spray-routing will be part of a future release.

This preview is intended to allow you to give feedback on the Java and Scala APIs. It is focused solely on functionality, in particular this means that performance is not yet on par with Spray. We will focus on performance enhancements once the functionality is complete.

For more information on Reactive Streams, you are welcome to read the official Typesafe announcement.

The aim for both of these projects are to be back-released against Akka 2.3.x and therefore the code lives in the dedicated release-2.3-dev branch in the akka repository. It will of course also be part of Akka 2.4, but that is going to be released only towards the end of the year, see the updated roadmap for more information.

So please give them a spin. We welcome any and all feedback, preferably in pull request form ;).


"com.typesafe.akka" %% "akka-http-core-experimental" % "0.4"
"com.typesafe.akka" %% "akka-stream-experimental" % "0.4"

maven scala 2.10:
"com.typesafe.akka" "akka-http-core-experimental_2.10" "0.4"
"com.typesafe.akka" "akka-stream-experimental_2.10" "0.4"

maven scala 2.11:
"com.typesafe.akka" "akka-http-core-experimental_2.11" "0.4"
"com.typesafe.akka" "akka-stream-experimental_2.11" "0.4"



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