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Akka in Action (Second edition) pre-release is now available

Francisco Lopez-Sancho Senior Consultant, Engineering, Lightbend, Inc.

Akka in Action Second Edition - Pre-Release I found that even though Akka has extensive documentation, it might be complicated to find where to start. What are the bits that matter the most? On the other hand, you might already know Akka, but not being familiar with its relatively recent Typed implementation.

I am writing Akka in Action, Second edition and the pre-release is available here. I am confident this book will guide you from learning the ropes to deploy to production. Understanding Akka’s essential concepts, through real-world use cases, including clustering, sharding, persistence, and deploying to Kubernetes. Discovering the power of the Actor Model, and how to leverage most of the Akka modules to create Reactive applications and Stateful Microservices.

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Get pre-release here

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