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Akka.NET: the Reactive Story Continues on the Microsoft CLR

Today we are thrilled by the announcement of Akka.NET 1.0, a port of Akka from the JVM to Microsoft’s Common Language Runtime (CLR). The team and community around Roger Alsing and Aaron Stannard valiantly took it upon themselves to supply the growing open-source movement in the .NET world with a full-fledged reactive toolkit, making the benefits of reactive application design available to C# and F# developers.

On the technical side Akka.NET is the result of a line-by-line port of Akka’s Scala code into C#, with certain adaptations to bridge differences in language and platform features. During this effort we have already profited from some bugs that were found in the .NET version and we will continue to profit: not only does the port enlarge the number of people working on the Akka code bases, we also tap into the whole pool of .NET developers who are longing for Akka’s capabilities as a toolkit for distributed and concurrent programs and who are eager to try this fresh alternative and propel it forward with their ideas and enthusiasm. It will be particularly interesting to learn from the direct comparison between Akka.NET and Microsoft’s Project Orleans, the recently open-sourced framework inspired by the Actor model.

On the business side Akka.NET is supported by Petabridge Inc., a young company that follows a similar approach on the CLR as Typesafe does on the JVM.

We congratulate the open-source community supporting and enjoying the Akka.NET project on the important milestone reached today and look forward to an exciting future together!


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