Announcing Slick 2.0.1

We are happy to announce the release of Slick 2.0.1. The artifacts are available on Maven Central, as usual. You can find the source code here: and please see for documentation.

This is a binary-compatible bugfix and minor feature release. There have been no further changes since 2.0.1-RC1. We highly encourage you to upgrade because of the bug fixes (including some regressions from Slick 1.0 to 2.0).

Fixes and features:

  • Fixed many edge cases in group by queries.
  • Fixed code-generator issues regarding GetResults, HLists, default values, self-referencing foreign keys etc.
  • Code generator now generates a factory method with defaults when using HLists.
  • Code generator now generates an accumulated ddl value for all tables.
  • Other fixes.
  • Improved docs.

The Slick Extensions package with closed-source drivers for Oracle, DB/2 and SQL Server has been published to the Typesafe repository. The Slick Examples,Slick Testkit Example, Slick Codegen Example, Slick Customized Codegen Example projects on github have been updated as well.