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What Architects Should Know About Reactive Design Patterns

Introducing Reactive System Design

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It is widely understood that our software needs to become reactive; we need to consider responsiveness, maintainability, elasticity and scalability from the outset. Not all systems need to implement all these to the same degree, as specific project requirements will determine where effort is most wisely spent. But, in the vast majority of cases, the need to go reactive will demand that we design our applications differently.

Modern applications present incredible design challenges: we expect near-realtime performance while managing petabyte-scale data and distribution across environments ranging from traditional servers to cloud systems to mobile devices.

In this presentation by Dr. Roland Kuhn, we explore several architecture elements that are commonly found in reactive systems, like the circuit breaker, various replication techniques, and flow control protocols. These patterns are language agnostic and also independent of the abundant choice of reactive programming frameworks and libraries. They are well-specified starting points for exploring the design space of a concrete problem: thinking is strictly required!

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Great a free sample of 'Reactive Design Patterns'

The webinar presented is just a snapshot of the work-in-progress book, Reactive Design Patterns. You can get free sample chapters & 45% of the book here:



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