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Benefits Of The Actor Model For Cloud Computing: A Pragmatic Overview For Java Architects

Why Actors Just Work In Cloud Development 

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The Actor model sees renewed interest as cloud concurrency challenges grow.
—Forrester Research 

As enterprise Java development teams increase the time they spend using cloud computing, many are challenged by a move from a scale-up (monolithic) to a scale-out (distributed) architecture.

Reactive system development and microservices are two evolving answers that architects are embracing, but making them work well at scale calls for a departure from the traditional approach of object-oriented programming models and defensive programming through try-catch, which is now being replaced by a highly-resilient supervision model and a "let it crash" philosophy.

In this webinar for Architects, guest speaker Jeffrey Hammond, Forrester Vice-President and Principal Analyst, joins Jonas Bonér, CTO/Co-founder of Lightbend and creator of Akka, the actor-based, message-driven runtime for the JVM, to discuss one emerging programming pattern that’s gaining popularity with Java teams developing for the cloud––the Actor model.

Starting with a little history, we go all the way back to 1973, a year of incredible advances in both music (Aerosmith's first album) and computer science, with the creation of the Actor model. We continue with why the Actor model is a better fit for large, scale-out systems and microservices delivery, the types of workloads using it today, and resources to show your teams how to implement an Actor-based system in your existing Java environment.

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Understanding The Actor Model In Less Than 1 Hour: Free O'Reilly book 

Check out Lightbend Solution Architect Hugh McKee's concise, 43-page O'Reilly book Designing Reactive Systems: The Role Of Actors In Distributed Architecture, which covers what your team should know about the Actor Model from the ground up. In less than 1 hour.



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