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Build Real-Time Streaming ETL Pipelines with Akka Streams, Alpakka and Apache Kafka

Is It Time To Evolve From Batch To Streaming ETL?


Things were easier when all our data used to be offline, analyzed overnight in batches. Now our data is online, in motion, and generated constantly. For architects, developers and their businesses, this means that there is an urgent need for tools and applications that can deliver real-time (or near real-time) streaming ETL capabilities.

In this session by Konrad Malawski, author, speaker and Senior Akka Engineer at Lightbend, you will learn how to build these streaming ETL pipelines with Akka Streams, Alpakka and Apache Kafka, and why they matter to enterprises that are increasingly turning to streaming Fast Data applications. Webinar topics include:

  • How Akka Streams enables projects to move away from batch-centric processing in ETL workflow to streaming pipelines that are fully Reactive.
  • The role of the Alpakka initiative in building streaming connectors to various technologies, including various AWS offerings, Apache Cassandra, Google Cloud, MQTT, as well as inter-operating with your existing Apache Camel endpoints and more.
  • Examples of typical patterns and integrations such as Apache Kafka, as well as monitoring those good old “flat files over FTP” services (to start with baby steps).
  • How Akka Streams connects everything together as a lightweight, low-latency streaming engine in a world where the term “stream” carries oh-so-many meanings.

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