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Digital Transformation from Monoliths to Microservices to Serverless and Beyond

Opportunities and Ramifications for Digital Transformation

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If you are a developer or an architect, you've likely been building traditional 3-tier systems, commonly known as “monoliths", for some time. Recently, we've seen a significant evolutionary shift to systems composed of “microservices", which are isolated, decoupled services that [should] possess their own data and are deployed and scaled independently.

Today we are witnessing the birth of "serverless", a.k.a. Function as a Service (FaaS). The rate of evolutionary change is accelerating. But what is changing, and what remains the same? How do we work with state, data consistency, system architecture, and observability in this ephemeral world of serverless functions?

In this highly-visual presentation by Hugh McKee, Developer Advocate at Lightbend, to learn more about the ramifications and opportunities along the evolution from monolithic systems, to microservices architectures, to serverless (FaaS).

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