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New eBook: Streaming Data Simplified

Don't Let Complexity Stand In The Way of Significant Business Outcomes

Today’s enterprises are investing in big data, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and building data pipelines that can apply ML models to data as it’s being generated. Known as “streaming,” these organizations are incorporating streaming data pipelines for transformational payoffs.

However, the development of a reliable streaming data pipeline is constrained by complexity at one end, and fragility at the other. Simple or easy to use solutions require significant operational investment, and complex solutions that need to be inherently stable often burden teams with many of the reliability concerns that rightly belong as part of the infrastructure. The problem is meeting both of these constraints while trying not to sacrifice simplicity for reliability.

In this ebook, you’ll explore how to realize true reliability with streaming data pipelines, including what this technology looks like, how it works, and the business value it can bring to your company. You’ll also discover:

  • Key fundamentals for getting started the right way

  • How streaming data pipelines enable ML

  • Real-world stories from Fortune 100 companies


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