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Free PDF: Scala for the Impatient

Cay Horstmann is well known in the Java community as the author of Core Java, "the definitive guide to Java for serious programmers who want to put Java to work on real projects." That's one of the reasons we got excited when we heard that Cay was turning his attention to a Scala book.

Starting today, Typesafe is proud to offer a free preview of Cay Horstmann's new work, Scala for the Impatient, when you sign up for the Typesafe e-mail newsletter. Cay describes the book as such:

"I wrote this book for impatient readers who want to start programming with Scala right away. I assume you know Java, C#, or C++, and I won't bore you with explaining variables, loops, or classes. I won't exhaustively list all features of the language, I won't lecture you about the superiority of one paradigm over another, and I won't make you suffer through long and contrived examples. Instead, you will get the information that you need in compact chunks that you can read and review as needed."

The free PDF includes a subset of the book, suitable for a beginning application developer (or the A1 Scala Level, if you prefer). Chapters include:

  1. The Basics
  2. Control Structures and Functions
  3. Arrays
  4. Maps and Tuples
  5. Classes
  6. Objects
  7. Packages and Imports
  8. Inheritance
  9. Files and Regular Expressions

If you enjoy this sampling, we hope you'll purchase Cay's full book where he further addresses intermediate and advanced Scala topics.

A practical book for a practical language -- it's a pairing we couldn't resist. Download your free copy from Typesafe here.

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