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Getting started with Reactive Monitoring 1.0 Beta

In September we launched our Reactive Monitoring Beta! This webinar will help you get started if you want to be a new participant, or can answer some of your questions if you're already trying it out. Typesafe's Henrik Engström along with Takipi's Tal Weiss give a comprehensive walk-through, and will answer questions like,  Reactive Monitoring wut? Also, Why Takipi? And, Is this the whatzit that will help me with lost threads on my async apps? The experts behind Akka, Play and Scala know what it takes to monitor Reactive systems, and we'll show you how. 


The Akka monitoring solutions currently available give limited insight into the health, performance, and inner workings of your Reactive applications, and you have to cobble it together yourself. Whether it's the inflexibility of configuration, high performance overhead, or simply lower capabilities when it comes to metrics, events, traces and thresholds for actors, what's been needed is an out of the box solution by the experts behind Akka, Play and Scala. 

In this webinar you will learn:

  • areas of focus for 1.0 beta
  • which technical dependencies you need to be aware of when implementing on top of the Reactive Platform
  • best practices for beginning configuration of our monitoring solution to ensure you can monitor what’s important to you
  • all about the Takipi integration, which is the first third-party monitoring module that we integrated
  • and last but certainly not least, all about how to contribute to the future roadmap of Reactive Monitoring by providing your feedback to our development team.

When you’re done watching - Try it Today!

Reactive Monitoring is a featured module inside of Reactive Platform, which is required to use Reactive Monitoring. No worries if you aren't using Reactive Platform yet––getting started with it is a simple adjustment to an sbt build. For this beta, we strongly recommend that you use 1.0 Beta on staging or tests servers, and not in production yet. 

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