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Heluna tackles e-mail spam with Play Framework, Akka and Scala

Today we're happy to feature a new Scala, Akka and Play Framework success story with the cloud-based antispam service, Heluna. Heluna's anecdote is one of unplanned success- the unique spam blocking company realized that their legacy infrastructure could not scale horizontally to meet their rapidly growing and successful business. The company wanted a backend infrastructure to improve performance and increase visibility into operational status.

In this case study, Mark Beeson, Heluna's Founder and Chief Architect, shares how he chose the entire Typesafe platform to create a flexible architecture that can shrink and grow organically as needed, making it simple to spin up more nodes on Amazon EC2. Mark also revamped the Heluna website through a combo of Scala, Play Framework and CouchDB, giving users complete visibility into the backend redis queues to see how their spam is processed in real-time. 

You can read the entire case study here and a big thanks to Heluna for sharing their experience with Scala, Akka and Play!



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