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How Akka Works: "Akka A To Z", An Illustrated White Paper

An Architect’s Guide To Designing, Building, And Running Reactive Systems

Microservices. Streaming data. Event Sourcing and CQRS. Concurrency, routing, self-healing, persistence, clustering… You get the picture.

The Akka toolkit makes all of this simple for Java and Scala developers at Amazon, LinkedIn, Starbucks, Verizon and others. So how does Akka provide all these features out of the box?

This technical white paper by Hugh McKee (@mckeeh3) and Oliver White (@theotown) of Lightbend will take you on an illustrated journey that goes deep into how Akka works: from individual actors and how they behave through supervision and self healing, through to the Reactive Streams initiative with Akka Streams, Akka HTTP and Alpakka, then into the world of distributed persistence, event sourcing and CQRS, microservices, and finally distributed clusters and how to manage, monitor and orchestrate them.

Here are a few illustrations that you'll see inside:

Akka comes with several useful routing strategies right out of the box or you can create your own

Akka Cluster Sharding enables logical collections of stateful actors to gracefully move around your cluster 

Akka Cluster makes CQRS and event sourcing a breeze with intelligent persistence handling 

We hope you find this technical white paper useful, and feel free to share with your fellow developers, architects, and management team!



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