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How Credit Karma Makes Real-Time Decisions For 60 Million Users With Akka Streams And Kafka

Using Akka Streams In Production For Real-Time Decision Making



In this webinar, Engineering Manager at Credit Karma Dustin Lyons discusses how not long ago his team was facing a common challenge shared by many financial services architects and engineering leaders: not only how to move from the offline, batch-mode processing of Big Data to streaming, Fast Data, but also how to enable real-time decision making based on the information flowing in from over 60 million members.

Dustin reviews how his team migrated away from PHP and successfully implemented Akka with Apache Kafka to ingest, process and route real-time events throughout their data ecosystem. At the end of this presentation, you’ll better understand:

  • The design considerations for new Fast Data architectures, from streaming to microservices to real-time analysis.
  • Some lessons learned when it comes to progressing from batch to streaming using Akka Actors, Akka Streams and Kafka
  • Why Akka’s self-healing actor model and the resilience that it provides is actually what matters most when delivering real-time customer experiences

Watch The Full Recording (50 Min)


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