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How Mesosphere aims to make Microservices easier with open source DC/OS

Making Microservices easier

We’re at a very exciting time in the industry.  The architecture that enterprises have used to run their businesses for the last 15 years is changing dramatically thanks to significant advances in distributed computing and the cloud.    

Traditional enterprise architectures have typically been delivered as monolithic applications running in a virtualized, on-premise infrastructure.  Public and private cloud technologies have changed everything, but if the applications are not designed, or re-designed, appropriately, then it is impossible to take advantage of the advances in both distributed application services and hybrid-cloud infrastructure.

As regular blog followers will know, Lightbend has been working with Mesos for a few years now, driven by adoption by a number of our web-scale customers, such as AirBnB.  Over the last year, we’ve been working closely with Mesosphere in order to make important technologies such as Spark work well with Mesos and, by extension, DC/OS.

There is a natural synergy between Lightbend technologies and Mesosphere DC/OS. Lightbend enables enterprises to build, run and manage powerful, distributed applications at scale.  To maximize the benefits of the application architecture, enterprises require a truly flexible infrastructure for the production deployment of these applications and this is exactly what DC/OS provides.

So we are excited today by the news that Mesosphere, Lightbend and more than 50 other partners are launching the open source DC/OS, including a number of the valuable extensions that make Mesos work well in enterprise production environments.

As more and more developers choose Lightbend technologies such as Lagom to modernize their legacy architectures using microservices, it will be of great benefit to be able to build, test and deploy those applications with systems of microservices in a full open source DC/OS environment.    

Better customer engagement, market expansion, new opportunities afforded by the Internet of Things, responsiveness to changing market conditions using real-time analytics.  These are all areas where a modern, flexible, distributed architecture is essential if an enterprise plans to gain competitive advantage. It’s time to evolve, or get out of the way...

So we see massive opportunities in helping enterprises modernize their architectures and migrate from the monolithic applications of the past to new powerful, distributed applications using microservices architectures.

Anything that can reduce the time-to-market and reduce the risk of deploying this new class of distributed applications in production is hugely valuable. 

Combined with the simplicity and speed of creating distributed, self-healing, highly-scalable systems with Lightbend Reactive Platform technologies like Lagom, Play and Akka, DC/OS is a great way to deploy and manage large-scale Microservices architectures in production. We look forward to continuing to work closely with Mesosphere and the DC/OS community to ensure successful outcomes for our community and our customers.

Want to know more about working with Mesos/DCOS and Lightbend technologies? Get in touch below!



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