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Introducing Go Typesafe

Today we're super excited to announce that, in conjunction with BoldRadius, we are launching a new tool: Go Typesafe!

Go Typesafe is a community curated set of resources focused on supporting internal development leaders and advocates for innovation. The tool helps you demonstrate how the Typesafe Reactive Platform solves key challenges by building quick sample app demos, provides proof of value with third-party data and case studies, and helps guide how to successfully adopt it from a business perspective.

The tool lets you show off the technology by building a quick, sample app that you can demo to your peers, get proof of value, and show your boss why it’s the right move to go Reactive. Through Case Studies, Videos, Reports, Articles, Developer Best Practices, Community Stories and more, Go Typesafe is a great guide for bringing Typesafe technology into your organization. If you have resources that you’d like to add, just fork the repo and send a pull request!

Go Typesafe wouldn’t be possible without the help of our partner (and officemate!) BoldRadius. BoldRadius is a long time partner of ours providing, development, training and consulting services to accelerate the commercial adoption of Play Framework, Akka, and Scala.

They had many conversations with early adopters, evangelists and change agents, to better understand the challenges that come with trying to get buy-in and adoption of new technologies within organizations. This valuable insight helped to shape the Go Typesafe experience.

We're very excited to be helping more organizations take advantage of this game changing technology through this new tool.

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