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Introducing Typesafe Stack 2.0

Lightbend Team, Lightbend, Inc.

Today is a big day for Typesafe, as we announce the availability of Typesafe Stack 2.0, including Play 2.0 and Akka 2.0, and the availability of the Typesafe Console as part of the commercial Typesafe Subscription.

The Typesafe Stack is a comprehensive platform for building applications in Java and Scala that can scale to the largest workloads in cloud computing and virtualized datacenter environments. The Typesafe Stack includes the Scala programming language, Akka event-driven middleware, and now the Play web framework, along with a robust suite of development tools.

Since we have a lot to talk about today, we’ve broken the news up into a few different blog posts. Here, we provide the highlights with links for you to dig deeper.

We’ve also posted a new whitepaper on our web site that goes into more depth on the Typesafe Stack 2.0, and why it's relevant to today's professional software developers.

Play 2.0

We announced in November that Play framework, the highly productive web framework for Scala and Java, would become part of the Typesafe Stack. Now, just a few months later, we are happy to announce that Play 2.0 has arrived and is part of the open source Typesafe Stack 2.0 and the commercial Typesafe Subscription.

Play framework 2.0 continues the emphasis on web developer productivity that has always separated Play from the pack. Version 2.0 takes the framework to a new level, with a stable and scalable foundation based on Scala and Akka, and a reactive model based on event-driven, non-blocking IO. All with native support for both Java and Scala applications.

Learn more about Play 2.0 in our blog post: Introducing Play 2.0

Akka 2.0

Just last week we announced the open source release of Akka 2.0, the event-driven middleware framework for building high performance, reliable, and distributed applications in Java and Scala. Now, it’s available as part of the Typesafe Stack and the commercial Typesafe Subscription as well.

Akka 2.0 simplifies the creation of distributed applications that span many nodes in a cloud computing or virtualized datacenter environment, with new features including location transparency, configuration-based deployment, supervision and life-cycle monitoring, and dramatic performance and scalability improvements.

Learn more about Akka 2.0 in our blog post: Introducing Akka 2.0

Typesafe Console

Monitoring distributed event-driven systems at scale can be a challenge. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the Typesafe Console, an enterprise-grade dashboard for monitoring applications built on the Typesafe Stack. The Typesafe Console is exclusively available to Typesafe Subscription customers.

The Typesafe Console provides insight into usage trends and performance characteristics of event-driven Akka actor based systems. It enables your staff to optimize system performance and detect bottlenecks before they become a problem.

Learn more about the Typesafe Console in our blog post: Introducing Typesafe Console

Scala IDE for Eclipse 2.0

Great platforms require great developer tools.  That's why we're delighted to have recently released the Scala IDE for Eclipse 2.0, which provides advanced editing and debugging support for the development of pure Scala and mixed Scala-Java applications.

Learn more about the IDE in our blog post: Scala IDE for Eclipse 2.0

Typesafe Subscription and Services

The Typesafe Subscription provides commercial support, maintenance, and deployment tools for the open source Typesafe Stack. With this release, the Typesafe Subscription covers the Play web framework in addition to Scala and Akka, and adds the Typesafe Console for monitoring Typesafe Stack applications. Typesafe also provides training and consulting for Scala, Akka, and now the Play web framework.

Learn more about commercial services on our web site: Typesafe Products and Services

Putting It To Work

Great technology is meaningless unless it can be productively applied. That’s why we’re so excited to be working with organizations ranging from the smallest startups to the largest global financial institutions who are adopting the technology in the Typesafe Stack. A case in point is Klout, the fast growing startup that measures influence online. Felipe Oliveira, Lead Application Services Engineer at Klout, makes the case for our stack well:

We were able to scale to billions of API transactions with a very small team with the extensive use of Play and Akka. Scala has also been a powerful development platform for Klout, offering greater scalability and efficiency than our previous platform.

Learn more about how Klout is using Play framework and the Typesafe Stack in this post on the Official Klout Blog.

Download the Typesafe Stack today, and get started taking your own business to the next level. We’ll be there to support you every step of the way.

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