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IoT Tutorial with Akka Data Pipelines

Michael Read Senior Technical Consultant, Lightbend, Inc.

Streaming Data Is More Interesting Than Data At Rest

Building streaming pipelines to move data from one source to another—so it can be stored, used for analytics, or combined with other data—can get to be quite complicated. We've made developing streaming applications a lot simpler with Akka Data Pipelines, so that you can be more productive when you're use cases include the following examples:

  • Internet of Things (IoT) applications to collect metrics from sensors or devices
  • Digital twins of devices to monitor power equipment or connected cars
  • Data pipelines that stream to a machine learning algorithm

To help get you started, we have a new Akka Data Pipelines IoT Sensor Tutorial to bring you with a hands-on coding experience.

ICMYI, Akka Data Pipelines is the enterprise packaging of our OSS Cloudflow project, which provides Lightbend Telemetry for insights into your running system as well as world-class support and guidance from the Lightbend engineering teams.

By leveraging Akka Data Pipelines from Lightbend, you can accelerate development and decrease risks. To illustrate how we can help you build streaming systems faster and easier, this Akka Data Pipelines IoT Sensor Tutorial covers the following topics and domains:

  • What is Akka Data Pipelines, and why you should care
  • Setting up a local Kubernetes test environment using MicroK8s
  • Installing Akka Data Pipelines
  • Testing and running a sample application that tracks IoT sensor data for working windmills
  • Monitoring the IoT PoC with Lightbend Telemetry and Console
  • Finally, we walk you through the code base of the sample application

So check out the tutorial, and if you'd like to further explore IoT sensor data streaming with Lightbend technologies, feel free to Contact Us!



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