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Learn Reactive Microservices: 7 Don't-Miss Talks And Workshops At Reactive Summit

Markus Eisele Director Developer Advocacy, Lightbend, Inc.

A first-class learning experience at Reactive Summit 2018

It's this time of the year again. Top microservices and fast data experts in the world are getting together for a unique learning experience. We handpicked some sessions and workshops for you that we think are particularly interesting if you want to learn more about Microservices and Reactive.

  • Oct. 20-22: Lightbend Reactive Architecture:
    Building distributed systems requires a shift in thinking. This 3-day course is technology agnostic and uses a series of architectural exercises to help managers, architects, and developers grok how to design, build, and run a distributed system of Reactive microservices. The course is getting rave reviews.
  • Tue. Oct 23: Reactive is a Product:
    Jamie Allen is currently at Facebook. Previously he introduced Reactive at Starbucks and prior to that ran our services team at Lightbend. His talk dives into roles and team structure for building distributed systems.
  • Wed. Oct 24: Monoliths, Migrations, and Microservices:
    Randy Shoup from WeWork prepares you for the architectural and organizational impact of modernization. Randy is also hosting the pre-event management training: Scaling Organizations and Technology.
  • Wed. Oct. 24: Mission-critical global reactive system:
    Jan Machacek is a senior principal engineer with Disney Steaming Services. He is creating the foundation of what industry insiders are calling Disneyflix. He is one of the best educators in the Reactive community. His talk will expose your developers to a very comprehensive journey.
  • Wed. Oct. 24: 7 Reasons why your microservices should use Event Sourcing & CQRS:
    Hugh McKee is as a developer advocate for Lightbend. He introduced Akka and Reactive to HP before joining our company and is a great resource for your developers to meet at the event. CQRS and Event Sourcing are intermediate concepts, but Hugh's talk is very approachable.
  • Tue. Oct 23: Mind the Gap: architecture for the spaces between services:
    Tim Moore is one of our top engineers at Lightbend. His talk begins to prepare you for architectural considerations when deploying a system of microservices. This is critical because one microservice is no microservice, they come in systems.

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