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Lightbend And HPE Announce New HPE Fortify Scala Plugin For Static Application Security Testing (SAST)


Today, we announced in a press release the upcoming availability and early access to the HPE Fortify Scala plugin. Developed by HPE and Lightbend, the HPE Fortify Scala plugin automatically identifies code-level security vulnerabilities early in the SDLC, so you can confidently and reliably secure your mission-critical applications.

So, if your team or organization is using Scala, and you want to minimize application security risk and better comply with your corporate security standards, then meet the HPE Fortify Scala plug-in.

How It Works

First, the HPE Fortify Scala plugin takes your application code and compiles it into an intermediate representation. Then, HPE Fortify analyzes this representation, identifying vulnerabilities and other issues. Finally, HPE Fortify provides actionable best practices and recommendations.

The Benefits Of Static Application Security Testing (SAST)

The HPE Fortify Scala plugin is the only SAST solution to use the official Scala compiler, which helps it deliver the most accurate analysis of your Scala code vulnerabilities. This compiler integration also allows the HPE Fortify Scala plugin to parse your code just once, unlike other SAST solutions that need to parse your code twice; once by the SAST solution, and again by the compiler. This greatly improves the quality and turnaround time of the analysis.

Organizations must incorporate security testing earlier into the development lifecycle without disrupting production as application development times have decreased and the rate of adversary attacks have risen. Our partnership and integration with Lightbend enables DevOps to seamlessly test and secure their Scala application development without compromising time to market.

Scott Johnson Director of Product Management, HPE Security Fortify, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

The HPE Fortify Scala plugin lets you:

  • Confidently adopt Scala in your enterprise
  • Enhance the security of your SDLC
  • Accelerate development and release cycles
  • Comply with corporate security requirements

If you’re an application developer: You can confidently use Scala to meet your users’ needs while adhering to your company’s secure SDLC standards.

If you’re a security professional / in the CISO office: You can be assured that your developers’ code has been vetted by HPE’s best-in-class SAST capabilities.

Why HPE Collaborated with Lightbend

Originally developed by Lightbend co-founder Martin Odersky’s research group at EPFL, Scala has rapidly evolved beyond its early traction with digital natives such as Twitter to become the de facto standard for building demanding, highly scalable distributed applications at some of the largest companies around the world. Today, Lightbend continues to lead the development of the Scala compiler and standard library.

Early Access For Lightbend Subscribers

If you’re a Lightbend subscriber, you’ll have access to this plugin as part of your subscription. You will also need access to a licensed version of HPE Fortify to be able to use the plugin. Contact your Lightbend representative for early access details.



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