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Lightbend Announces Release of Fast Data Platform 1.1

Lightbend is happy to announce the release of version 1.1 of Fast Data Platform. Lightbend Fast Data Platform makes it easy for customers to develop, integrate, and operate a system comprising microservices and streaming data pipelines. Fast Data Platform was built for applications that need to process streaming data and act in real-time. These systems are as diverse as customer recommendation engines in E-commerce, anomaly detection for fraud detection or predicting device failure, real-time predictions, and real-time ETL and aggregations.

Fast Data Platform includes support for Kafka, Spark, Flink (preview), Akka Streams, Kafka Streams, HDFS, Hive on Spark (preview), the Lightbend Enterprise Suite, integration with OpsClarity for monitoring, and support tools. Fast Data Platform Manager application for full lifecycle management and monitoring of Fast Data Platform Clusters. We also provide tools for installing certified components, including Yahoo! Kafka Manager and Quantifind Kafka Offset Monitor, for production management and monitoring of Kafka, and Zeppelin, InfluxDB, and Grafana, for use in the included sample applications and your own applications.

New in this Release

  • We are pleased to announce that Fast Data Platform adds support for Apache Kafka 1.0, a significant milestone in the evolution and maturity of Kafka.
  • Several customers plan to migrate Hive-based, batch workloads to hybrid batch-streaming workloads based on SparkSQL. To support these objectives, we are pleased to offer preview support for Hive with Spark as the execution engine, running in Fast Data Platform. See Installing Hive on Spark for more details.
  • Improved configuration options when installing components.
  • Better support for command-line alternatives for installing components.

We have also greatly expanded our documentation, with new material on troubleshooting, cluster configuration recommendations, and improved sample applications.

For a complete list of all the changes in this release, please consult the Release Notes in our documentation, available at https://developer.lightbend.com/docs/fast-data-platform/1.1.0/.

Looking Forward

Lightbend Fast Data Platform 1.1 currently runs on Mesosphere DC/OS 1.10.4. With Mesosphere 1.11 which was announced today, we are looking forward to leveraging the edge and multi-cloud federation capabilities as well as production level Kubernetes support. We will leverage that support to provide new developer and devops tooling that makes it easier to create and manage applications that span multiple streaming data components.

Contact Lightbend for information about obtaining Fast Data Platform.


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