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Lightbend Podcast: From OSS Hobby To $1m+ Hosted Platform with Snipe-IT

Guest Speaker: Alison Gianotto CEO & Founder, Grokability

How 'losing a bet' led to over $1m ARR with Snipe-IT

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In this podcast, our special guest is Alison Gianotto (Twitter: @snipeyhead). Alison is the CEO and founder of Grokability, the company behind Snipe-IT, which is a free as well as hosted solution for managing the where, when, and what of a company’s physical assets.

In this generally open and very fun conversation, Alison and I discuss the journey of going from an open source hobby to a hosted platform with a global client base and increasing revenues, and hopefully touch on other topics like using social networks for business, the implications of serverless as an industry trend, the preference of #fullsnackdeveloper over #fullstackdeveloper, and more.

Note: This discussion includes some NSFW language so please throw those headphones on! :-)

Here are the relevant links to subjects we discussed:

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