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Lightbend Podcast: How Akka Can Boost Your Scala Application

Guest Speaker: Aleksandar Skrbic Freelance Software Engineer

Why you should consider using Akka with Scala

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In this podcast, I sit down with Aleksandar Skrbic, a software developer based in Novi Sad, Serbia, and author of some great introductory posts on Akka Actors. We discuss how Akka has been instrumental in his career as a distributed systems developer and tech blogger, as well as:

  • His background in data science, and his move towards Scala development
  • His “eureka” moment with the Akka toolkit, and how this evolution boosted his coding in Scala
  • What it’s like to learn Akka, and how it influenced his professional work
  • Which parts of the Akka toolkit he is most comfortable with, and why
  • Why he started writing blogs, and his future ambitions

You can find out more about Aleksandar here:

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