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Lightbend Podcast: Managed Kubernetes or DIY? That Is the Question

Hugh McKee Developer Advocate, Lightbend, Inc.

Insights and Experience with Kiki and Hugh from Lightbend

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In this Lightbend podcast with Kiki Carter, Lead Developer Experience Engineer, and Hugh McKee, Developer Advocate for Akka Platform, we take a look at work.

Namely, how much time should software engineers give to working on something that we don’t like, aren’t especially good at, or would otherwise avoid in favor of other more interesting topics? 

Industry trends indicate that the less we developers need to mess with Kubernetes and other cloud based entities like databases and load balancers, the better off we all are. Today we’ll talk about why developers feel this way, what technologies are out there to help, and how to think about what we might outsource in terms of operations, deployment and management of our cloud-based systems.

In this casual, picnic lunch style conversation, we ask:

  • Why are people sick of managing Kubernetes? What's hard about it?
  • What are the main challenges of using K8s in a complex enterprise environment?
  • What do we do with ACP and AS for managing K8s?
  • How can you decide if your team should go with vanilla K8s or a managed offering?
  • Are we getting lazier due to managed Kubernetes and Serverless offerings?

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