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Lightbend Podcast: Play 2.6 Is Coming, And It's Faster Than Ever (20 Min)

Will Sargent Talks Akka HTTP With HTTP/2, Security Enhancements And More In Play 2.6



Play 2.6 is coming soon, and introduces some very interesting new features that ramp up Play's performance and security even further. In this short podcast with Will Sargent, presenter, trainer, consultant and senior engineer on the Play team at Lightbend, we go over what’s coming in Play 2.6, which features you can already test out now, and conclude with some background on just what makes Play Framework so fast compared to other JVM frameworks out there. Listen in to learn about updates to Play 2.6, such as:

  • Akka HTTP (With HTTP/2 Support) Becomes Default Backend. Play now uses the Akka HTTP server engine as the default backend, and includes support for HTTP/2 for added performance and security of your online assets. Note: Netty 4.1 is still supported, and easy to use with just a one-line configuration change.
  • Security Enhancements. New filter enhancements create a “secure by default” experience for new Play applications, and tightens security on existing Play applications. Also, the new JSON Web Token (JWT) format for session and flash cookies allows for a standardized, signed cookie data format, cookie expiration (making replay attacks harder) and more flexibility in signing cookies.
  • Play WS And Play JSON Now Separate Projects. In order to keep moving fast, we’ve decoupled the releases of Play’s modules so that Play WS and Play JSON are now separate and can be used outside of Play.
  • Request Attributes. Requests in Play 2.6 now contain attributes that allow you to store extra information inside request objects (e.g. write a filter that sets an attribute in the request and then accesses the attribute value later from within your actions).
  • Logging Marker API, Twirl Template Injection, And More. More features included, such as a new Logging Marker API for SLF4J Marker in both Scala and Java, directly injectable Twirl templates that can manage their own dependencies, and improved support for I18N form handling.

To learn more about this very exciting release, visit the Play Framework 2.6 highlights, and follow @playframework on Twitter for the latest updates. If you’d like to learn more about how Lightbend supports your development and DevOps teams with our Reactive Platform’s commercial features for building, deploying and managing, your Play, Akka, Lagom, Scala and Java applications, simply request to be contacted by a Lightbend representative for a brief, 20-min introductory conversation :)



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