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Lightbend Podcast: What's New In Akka 2.5 with Patrik Nordwall (27 Min)

Patrik Nordwall Talks About Mid-April's Akka 2.5 GA Release



Akka 2.5 GA is now released is coming April 13th, and provides enterprise users of the Akka toolkit with a number of enhancements as well as new features. In this podcast with Patrik Nordwall, Akka Tech Lead at Lightbend, we review what’s new and improved in Akka 2.5, and what your teams should know in order to get the most out this release. We also discuss the latest on Akka Streams, Akka HTTP, Alpakka, and the commercial-only Akka modules in Reactive Platform that are available with your Lightbend subscription. Listen in to learn more about:

  • What’s new in Akka 2.5. Check out the Akka 2.5 release notes for the latest on our new streams materializer that delivers 3-4x performance improvements from previous Akka versions, the promotion of formerly experimental modules like Akka Distributed Data and Abstract Actor Java API to stable, coordinated shutdown of Akka Cluster, new features like Delta-CRDT, and more. 
  • Updates on Akka Streams, Alpakka and Akka HTTP. Learn more about how Akka Streams provides back-pressure for streaming data, what’s happening with recent Akka HTTP releases, and how Alpakka (a community project with over 25 connectors) aims to create a “Reactive” Apache Camel as an asynchronous, resilient and scalable solution for managing your existing endpoints.
  • Overview of Akka’s Commercial Modules. Included in our Lightbend subscription is full access in development and production to commercial features that serve the needs of Akka enterprise usersSplit Brain Resolver for handling network partitions gracefully and maintaining data consistency, Diagnostics Recorder for consolidating cluster reporting, Configuration Checker to provide warnings against configuration file inconsistencies, as well as Akka actor telemetry, instrumented to provide deep actor metrics and visualizations to Lightbend Monitoring.

We hope you enjoyed listening! There is a lot to cover here, so if you'd like to get in contact with someone from Lightbend to discuss commercial features as part of Reactive Platform, simply contact us via this form:



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