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Lightbend Tech Digest - February 2017

From Winter To Spring: Heating Up The Community!

Our second tech digest of 2017 comes a little later than usual, but we're taking an "at least once" approach here ;-) 

Lightbend attended the first conferences of the season, including JFokus, DevNexus and a number of user group meetups. Now it's time to look into what else the communities around Scala, Akka, Play and Lagom have been up to and pick your lunch break reads for the coming weeks. 

To contribute to amplifying the news, articles, guides and how-tos out there, feel free to reach out on Twitter at @myfear to point me towards relevant resources. Now it’s time to sit back, grab a coffee and relax while you read through this month’s highlights!

Releases and Updates

Upcoming Conferences and Events

Make sure to catch up with all the events in the Lightbend community which are listed on our community page!

Articles and Books

Code snippets and other highlights

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