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Our Expert-Led Training Courses Get New Names

We’re excited to announce that, in the interest of clarity, consistency and expandability, we are renaming our acclaimed technical training courses.  

The changes we’re proposing cover both the “Fast Track” and “Advanced” course categories that exist today, and allow us to introduce a brand new category aimed at helping users attain the right amount of familiarity and comfort with Lightbend Reactive Platform and Lightbend Fast Data Platform.

Lightbend Professional Series

Our “Fast Track” courses are aimed at helping participants succeed with our technologies and as such, provide a strong on-ramp, are taught by certified instructors, rely on a solid base of programming knowledge and go deep in just two to three days. But the word “Fast Track” sometimes mistakenly gave the impression that these were easy, beginning-level courses, which they are not. So these are now the Lightbend Professional Series.

Lightbend Expert Series

Our “Advanced” courses implied that these courses were the (immediate) next step for someone that just took the Professional Series. Further they implied that developers needed to take these courses to be successful. This wasn’t true in either case. Given the focus on deep, highly advanced topics in these courses, developers really need to spend 2-3 months gaining real-world experience before they take them. On top of that, the Professional Series is enough for most developers to be successful. As such, the “Advanced” series courses are meant for those that indeed want to become true experts in Lightbend technologies. Ergo, meet the Lightbend Expert Series.

So, specifically, what’s changing? Here’s the decoder ring:

Existing Name

Existing Codename 

New Name

New Codename

Fast Track to Scala


Lightbend Scala Language - Professional


Advanced Scala


Lightbend Scala Language - Expert


Fast Track to Akka for Scala


Lightbend Akka for Scala - Professional


Fast Track to Akka for Java


Lightbend Akka for Java - Professional


Apache Spark Workshop


Lightbend Apache Spark for Scala - Professional


Advanced Akka for Scala


Lightbend Akka for Scala - Expert


Advanced Akka for Java


Lightbend Akka for Java - Expert




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