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Managing energy with a Reactive application

This in-depth case study outlines how Typesafe helped Viridity Energy, an innovative software platform in the energy market, build an elegant architecture for their enterprise application, VPower. With Scala and Akka, VPower is able to hide the complexity of the energy markets, link customer energy usage and market price data and provide clear, actionable information to its customers that can dramatically reduce their energy costs. 

Duncan DeVore, VP of Software Engineering at Viridity Energy, was inspired by the Reactive Manifesto when designing his new Platform. The tenants of Reactive progamming spoke to what Viridity's application exhibited:

 "When I read the Reactive Manifesto, it was like reading our technology roadmap, methodologies, and case for business expansion. Everything in this manifesto is consistent with our goal to create THE best-in-class total energy optimization platform." 

Read the case study to learn more! 

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